• 1 - 2 Days
  • Avatar Consultant
  • Practical Hands On Learning
  • Weekdays & Saturdays
  • Starts: Flexibly delivered at client site or at one of Avatar 3D ''Ingenium'' maker space
  • Price: £negotiable

Introduction To 3D Scanning And Reverse Engineering


3D Design and Scanning Methodologies

Practical advice on design, scanning and printing aspects of 3D object creation, explaining how to use not only popular 3D ‘slicing’ software but the Computer Aided Design programs that produce the models in the first place.
Exposing participants to a range of scanning technologies and how this type of methodology can be used to customise their own product design by capturing 3D geometry thus explaining the importance and benefits of Reverse Engineering.

What is Reverse Engineering?

Reverse Engineering is the process of measuring a part using data captured by our 3D scanning systems, we can reverse engineer components and products for further engineering and / or re-manufacture of existing parts by creating a CAD model to reflect how it was originally designed.

1 or 2 days Introduction to Reverse Engineering:

This workshop will demonstrate the workflow, take you through 3D Scanning using the Artec Scanner and Reverse Engineer the part using Fusion 360. Delegates will get an understanding of the importance of Reverse Engineering from scanned data and how easy it is to then modify the part with a user friendly software, CAD Fusion 360. The part can be 3D Printed following the 3D printing process. 

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