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EAL Accredited : ”Introduction To Additive Manufacturing”


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This unit enables you to acquire essential knowledge and practice in using Additive Manufacturing (3D Printing) technology. For the purpose of this unit, ‘Additive Manufacturing’ and ‘3D printing’ is an interchangeable term.

This unit involves the use of tools, equipment or machinery delivered in a secure and safe environment; you will be supervised at all times by competent and qualified staff to ensure safety. All tools, equipment or machinery will be maintained and presented in a safe and fit state for use.

Why are you doing this unit?

To determine your ability to achieve the following learning outcomes :

  • Know the principles and applications of 3D printing technology
  • Know the preventive maintenance operations to be performed to maintain the 3D printer in a usable condition
  • Be able to prepare 3D printing technology
  • Be able to use 3D printing technology
  • Be able to complete using 3D printing technology

How do I pass?

You have to demonstrate your achievement of all learning outcomes. Evidence of your achievement will be placed in your portfolio of evidence (either electronically or paper copy). The main pieces of evidence for your portfolio will include:

  • ET1-026A: Knowledge Assessment
  • ET1-026A: Practical Assessment
  • Task/s set by your Teacher/assessor (if appropriate).

How do I make a start?

Your Tutor/Assessor will ask you to complete in an appropriate learning environment. You will gather together the work you produce in a file or folder (electronically or paper based), which then becomes your portfolio of evidence. Both you and your Tutor/Assessor must sign and date the individual pieces of work in your portfolio. Your Tutor/Assessor will assess your portfolio to make sure that you have covered all the learning outcomes and assessment criteria for this unit.

You must follow health and safety procedures at all times.



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