Avatar 3D ‘’Ingenium’’3D Printer key features:

  • Manufactured using PETG plastic, a transparent laboratory kit.
  • Customised, built to your specification and to suit your logo colours.
  • Foldable, lightweight / portable kit, ideal for classroom, laboratory or home use
  • SD card with LCD display, Click and Print Technology for fast accurate production 3D models without connecting to the laptop.
  • Small footprint – it sits perfectly on an office desk or can be folded and stored in a draw.
  • Large capacity for such a small machine : 200 x 200 x 200mm build size.
  • Variety of thermoplastic materials provided to test single, double extrusion and Chocolate
  • 0.10/0.20/0.30/0.40mm layer resolution – for high accuracy 3D model making.
    Consistent build quality throughout the entire print process.

Why Should you buy the ”Ingenium” 3D Printer

If you are looking for portable 3D printer which prints small 3d printed parts, toys, models,.etc
Prints high quality parts (0.1-0.4mm print accuracy) at most affordable price.

  • Compact design and clean process makes ideal for any office environment.
  • Accurate enough for serious work and simple enough for fun and hobby.
  • Eco-friendly, non-hazardous print material.
  • Easily exchangeable print plates, extruders and nozzles to print in thermoplastic materials and chocolate.
  • Requires minimal training and expertise.

Warranty and Service Assistance:

We warrant that you will receive a tested and working unit or complete kit and that it left the factory only after extensive testing. We are happy to ship spare parts free if parts fail due to faulty manufacture as well as we offer technical assistance and a broad range of spare parts, to keep you printing. We do not accept any claims which go beyond what is offered above. Wear and tear item and abuse are not covered.

Warranty Exclusions*:

The printing hot end is actually hot. Using this devise is like using a solder hot iron- safety precautions are needed for its safe operation. This unit is not a toy. It is a tool – and like any other tool adult safety sense and or child/student supervision is needed to operate it safely.