Reflections from the first 3D printing Meetup in Birmingham

Revathi Timms, owner and creator of Avatar3D shares her thoughts on the success of the first ever 3D printing Meetup event in Birmingham. In April 2018 at the official launch of STEAMhouse, a new collaborative makerspace in Digbeth, Birmingham, Avatar 3D demonstrated 3D printing in chocolate. In doing so, a collaboration …continue reading Reflections from the first 3D printing Meetup in Birmingham

3D Printing Chocolate

Why Chocolate Printing? Before the advent of 3D printing, the task of creating chocolate shapes used to be performed by hand. Pastry makers would often spend hours at a time on a single piece of chocolate topping. There was no room for error or second tries, since the entire design …continue reading 3D Printing Chocolate

Building 3D Printer ”Ingenium”

Following the success of the Avatar 3D printing chocolate project with AUEA University Technical College in 2017, Avatar 3D continues to Innovate – this time sets UTC Engineering students a new STEM challenge ”to build their own bespoke  3D Printer ”STEAM” Kit which is capable of printing in various thermoplastics materials, …continue reading Building 3D Printer ”Ingenium”