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Avatar 3D nominates Dudley College of Technology for the 2018 Education Awards.

The Engineering, International and Enterprise departments were nominated for categories STEM, Transforming Lives through Effective Partnership & Entrepreneurial Educational Establishment of the year. View featured video.

Read Key highlights:

”Transforming Lives through effective partnership working”

Manufacturing in the Black Country at Dudley College of Technology

Immediately after the launch of the Avatar 3D printer ‘’Ingenium’’, several demonstrations took place at Dudley College of Technology.

Both the Engineering/International department of Dudley College exposed Avatar 3D printer to students, local businesses and international companies worldwide. Visitors from the British Council / International companies benefited from the presentation ‘’Impact of 3D Printing – the future of manufacturing’’.

As a result several international Chinese, Turkish teachers, students attended a short course programme with Avatar3D to learn the 3D printing process, they were excited to have access to cutting-edge digital technology, 3D printers to make almost anything they imagined choosing from various thermoplastic materials thus making customised products to take back home.
Avatar3D gave students an insight in to industry needs, application of 3D Printing technology by demonstrating a 3D Scanner to provide 3D models of their scanned faces which was then 3D printed in plastic and resin material.

Please click link to view students testimonials:

Turkish Students applied what they learnt to their teaching methods and as a result set up production environment using 3D Printers to make customised jewellery.

Dudley College Advance Assistant Principal, Shaun Hunt comments in year 2017:
Dudley College ‘Advance’ known for its forward thinking and industry focused learning fully embraces 3D printing technology. Avatar 3D currently working in partnership with Dudley College in the delivery of short courses specifically focussing on this new technology. ‘’The Essentials of 3D Printing manufacturing’’.

The launch of Dudley College ‘’3D Fab Lab’’ 2018
Following Shaun’s vision in year 2017, Dudley College purchased several of Avatar 3D Printers for their new Advanced 2 Innovation Fab Lab. ”Students, staff and the local community will access the 3D printer kits taking their concept design ideas through to product development”.

John Lockley, responsible for Engineering apprenticeships at Dudley College Advance embraced Avatar 3D printer since the launch and continues to mentor Revathi Timms, with a vision of setting up a ‘’fablab’’type environment for students to have access to the 3D printer kits inspiring them to create bespoke products, learning the additive manufacturing process (3D Printing) and encouraging manufacturing in the black country.

Engineering accredited qualification in 3D Printing:
John Lockley works closely with Revathi to investigate funding streams for an accredited qualification to support students with an Engineering accredited qualification in 3D Printing. This is an example of how committed the leadership team are to provide the skills required for industry, this will be the first accredited short course programme to be delivered in the entire Midlands region.

Please click link to view :

Engineering a Bright Future – ‘’STEM’’
Earlier this year Avatar3D featured in the Express Star as part of Dudley College STEM Challenge 2018. Challenge to boost student engagement with STEM and also give them an understanding of how what they learn in the classroom will play a vital role in future careers. The competition is also forging valuable links between business and schools and provides students with an insight into the world of industry.

Avatar 3D demonstrated examples of how the 3D printer could be utilised to produce prototypes cost effectively which could be used to present their working model as part of the challenge. STEM Ambassadors, teachers supporting the challenge are in touch with Avatar 3D to discuss designing for 3D Printing.

Please click link to view express and star article :

Shaun Hunt comments “I live and breathe STEM every day because a large part of our curriculum is STEM-based. It is important to ensure young people are equipped with the skills they need for the future in a world that is ever changing’’.
“What we hope to do is to inspire young people by showing them what different careers there are and how they could be an engineer in a well-paid job in a laboratory environment. It’s not the world it used to be. We want to show them how important these STEM subjects are and what opportunities they can open up for them in the future,” he added.

The ‘’Inegnium’’ Academy
Both the Engineering/International team of Dudley College of Technology work closely with Avatar 3D, local manufacturing company to expose young people, parents, teachers and businesses to modern technology with hands-on practical training and development to meet the needs of future skills shortage.

Several BTEC Engineering students, apprentices have put themselves forward to support the build of 3D Printers and further innovation to solve particular problems working with different materials used to make prototypes.

Avatar 3D encourages, creative thinking, innovative problem solving and the ability to produce feasible solutions to real world challenges and really pleased to be working in partnership with Dudley College at the state of the art Fab Lab:

Please click the following link to view’the future is yours to make’’ at Dudley College Advance ”Fab Lab”.

 “It is vital that people have the opportunity to operate and gain skills in digital fabrication, the future of manufacturing and also bring manufacturing in to the hands of the consumers.”


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