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Revathi Timms TEDx speech, ‘’Inspiring Woman in to Engineering’’

‘’So many young people’s interests would lead them to engineering if they only knew what Engineering was and what they are doing. Young people are brilliantly creative and adaptable, these attributes are in high demand in Engineering and this demand will increase if only young people knew what modern, cutting edge engineering looked like and they realise what a great career it can be’’.


TEDX Speech Quotes:

Dr Adrain Burden, MD Innovate Malvern CIC, Entrepreneur, Author, Speaker

Excellent speech, professionally presented, tells a really good story delivered to time

David Chapman, Vice Principal AUEA, UTC

Well done Revathi, quite a journey you have been on, Proud to have played a small part!

Paul Field, Mentor & IP Commercialisation Manager

Well done, Very proud of you !

Joel Dalhouse, Construction & Built Environment Curriculum Manager

Your truly inspiration Revathi Timms, the barriers you have overcome and to produce such a fantastic product in a competitive and difficult market. I have experienced these printers first hand and they are remarkable!

Delia Cannings, Executive Director Environmental Excellence Training and Development Ltd.

Fabulous Revathi, articulate professional and passionate, well done, Loved it !

Tariq Ali, 3D Designer/3D Animation/3D Print Influencer – Dubai

‘’Your 3D Printer is on my mind since I saw your talk video. I have to get it here in Dubai & make it available to the 3D printing hobbyist & schools to use it for their Education purpose.

Vivek Krishna Kannampurath, Co-Founder Additive Manufacturing Engineer

‘’Great Achievements and Inspiring Journey, the way you gave a positive perspective on the journey from scratch to concept model and to a final product was great. Normally we only hear about final product but the effort put in the making was encouraging and inspiring. Hope to see more from you and your team.

Rose Rees, Specialising in training for rail, civil, and construction sectors

”Congratulations, you are one determined and passionate lady”

Paul Everard, Customer Service Advisor, Entrepreneur

Great presentation Revathi, your parents would be proud of you. Your passion for what you are doing really came through, Long may you continue to help influence young people to look at Engineering as a career.

Amenda Sun, HR, Reward Team Lead at Finning UK

‘’STEM is much needed for our future needs and its inspirational to have a female pioneers in this field. Hope my girls will be inspired and be there to solve important issues in their future, ‘thank you Revathi Timms’’

John Grimshaw, New Product Development Manager

‘’This is a great story Revathi Timms, you and your team have done brilliant job, and there is more to come. Great Talk and very well delivered.

Ganesh Nayak, Technical Sales for Makerbot, MarkForged 3D Printers

More than anything, I appreciate the most in Mrs Revathi is, you didn’t change from what you are, kept your roots firm and spread your branches which normally is very rare to find in people these days.

Sanjay Pathak, Director Sales and Marketing at Alignwise

’’ Wow excellent speech Revathi, Proud of you’’ .

Glenn Watts, Growth Navigator & Business Support Adviser

Congratulations, I knew the first time we met you had something about you but WOW. Now I can brag that I know a real life bonafide TED speaker.

Ian Barnor, Software Product Owner, ReceuitSumo

Your Engineering journey always amazes me, keep pushing the STEM message especially for females, it’ll make a difference. #WomenInEngineering, Kudos.

Hard Prajapati, 3D Printing Expert, Product Designer, Engineer

‘’You keep doing some awesome work, excellent speech’’

Normal Mehta, Founder and CAD designer of 3D Yug.

Hi Revathi, great work! I wish to manufacture high end 3D Printers with you.




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