Washwood Heath Academy

Innovative Concept Designs and Prototype Development of bespoke desktop lamps.

Joshua Asphall, Head of Design & Technology at a Birmingham based Academy, a creative entrepreneur himself sets students with a challenge to design artistic bespoke desktop lamps which is then modelled using a 3D CAD software and manufactured using Additive Manufacturing Process, 3D Printing.

Joshua Asphall commented,  ‘’ I truly appreciated the valuable contribution made by Avatar 3D during their ‘concept to market’ exercise. It was a refreshingly different approach to enterprise education and working with partnerships. The quality, client communication and personal service was second to none. I am truly proud and happy to be in partnership with a cutting edge technology firm such as Avatar 3D.

Play video to view students creation of 20 bespoke desktop lamps from concept deign through to manufacturing and sales.

Joshua Asphall, Head of Faculty (Technology and ICT), invited Avatar 3D to support business enterprise /engineering students with a challenge to design a solution to  manufacture bespoke desktop lamps and develop a marketing plan.

Year 11 students would have to design, model and pitch their concept to gain financial investment in order to develop their product through to manufacture and sales. They were given a budget and a design theme to follow, in order to create their lamps.

Design, Engineering Process:
Joshua Asphall, a creative entrepreneur before working in academia works closely with students to design artistic bespoke desktop lamps. Students provided their concept ideas as 2D sketch and then modelled their ideas in cardboard and foam.

Enterprise Pitch:
Engineering students then create working prototypes that are commercially viable and ready for sale. Business students then pitch their ideas to potential school investors and businesses through open days, design shows and parents evenings.

Students, ICT department secured a budget of £2,500 for 42 desktop Lamps.

Manufacturing Process:
Students concept ideas were then developed further using 3D CAD software to obtain 3D data for 3D Printing which is cutting edge digital fabric tool hired from Avatar 3D.

Outstanding Student Support:
Joshua demonstrates enormous passion and patience towards supporting students from the initial concept stage through to assembly and finishing process, resolving many problems incurred at the design stage. They went through several iterations to ensure students were designing the lamps for additive manufacturing, also known as 3D Printing.

Joshua involved Avatar 3D to give students an insight in to traditional methods of manufacturing in comparison to additive manufacturing – 3D Printing. Students were amazed at the prototypes produced using a 3D printer.

42 desktop lamps were showcased at various careers events with students pitching their own lamps explaining the purpose of their design and its usefulness. Each lamp had a theme and story behind it, making them one-of-a-kind.


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