Coleg Gwent FE

Gary Handley, Director of Coleg Gwent FE, Newport campus.

Gary Handley purchases several Avatar 3D printers for staff to use and apply across the curriculum. Gary comments “I am really excited about using Avatar 3D printers to challenge my mainstream full-time learners across a broad range of curriculum areas to do something that both embraces new technology and also helps them to develop essential employability skills.

The introduction of the new Welsh Baccalaureate Qualification will allow us to fund such activity for NVQ levels 1 to 3 as a “Challenge” that will gain WJEC accreditation; will engage them through activity based learning and more importantly will provide them with an opportunity to talk enthusiastically about what they have learnt with potential employers.”


Hear Coleg Gwent teachers on how they would apply 3D Printing across curriculum:


For more information on how you can apply 3D Printing across your curriculum, contact:

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