St Peters Collegiate School

Design and Technology group of students learn Reverse Engineering.

Students need to be inspired towards Engineering. David Chapman, Assistant Principal of S.Peter’s Collegiate School did just that by exposing students to range of scanning technologies and how this type of methodology can be used to customise their own product design by capturing 3D geometry thus explaining the importance and benefits of Reverse Engineering.

The group of students who have hands on experience with computer aided design software and 3D printing were empowered by the limitless potential of scanning technology increasing their confidence to experiment with scanning of BMW cars, selfie arm, their full body and kinder egg to make their own chocolate mould.

Revathi Timms, Executive Director of Avatar 3D said ‘’Educating young people to use their imagination and to solve real problems in the physical world by embracing innovative technology, allowing them to reach new levels of thinking is going to be invaluable going in to the future, where jobs that they will do, don’t even exist today’’. 

This brief video presents the 3D scanning process and 3D printed prototypes showcasing their work.

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